About Me

I am Sarah. I am a Christian, one that yearns to hunger for Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’ve always “yearned to hunger”, because I never find myself hungry enough, or thirsty enough, for God. I seek to love Him, depend on Him, and search for Him more, because let me tell you: the Christian search for God should never be satisfied, because God is infinite, and can be infinitely discovered. That’s a really full sentence. Read it again. 🙂

My purpose of this blog is to express myself in a publishable manner. I journal frequently (you will see some of my entries), and hope to use this blog as somewhat an extension to my journal, writing out my thoughts, ideas, and sometimes stories. I aim to write honestly, and in a way that would allow for readers, if any, to feel understood and encouraged.

I’m a TCK (Third Cultured Kid) who come from a Korean family, live in Indonesia, and participate in a semi-western (diverse and international) culture. A teenager with a peculiar life, I suppose. However, I am but another human being who struggles in the familiar shaded areas of life, struggles and obstacles which many, many others go through. I enjoy the intellectual fields of theology, apologetics, and philosophy, but also more right-brain fields of music and language arts. Most importantly, I am a mere Christian, facing the ups and downs of life with a Christian mindset, inspired by God’s word.

I hope this sums things up, but if you’re still interested, you can check out the “Inside” category, where I write mostly my personal experiences or thoughts.

God bless you to the fullest.

Sarah Lovelee (not a real last name but gotta love it 😉 )


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