Blind Faith

The once confident brain who reasoned “of course” now taper, disentangle, and break away its reasonings that were based – now that I observe it – on simple tellings of the of the simple-minded. I feel deceived, at awe at my ignorance, yet holding unto a string of doubt – that I may not make the same mistake again.

Just before opening a new posting tab, I had tens of theological and scientific sites opened, with debates, information, and apologetics with regard to two controversial theories: Young Earth Creation and Old Earth Creation. Now, I am a Christian who believe that God created every single specimen and substances of earth and the universe by His Word and did not simply initiate a long sequence of evolution. However, after today’s encounter with new information, I am yet to believe in when God created.

I admit that the matter of the age of earth is trivial and does not influence spiritual salvation, but it does bother me to realize that I had been so convinced to regard a perfectly reasonable and Bible-based theory an unexcusable fallacy. (I’m telling you guys – what ever you believe in, make sure you know the other theories before discarding them. You might miss out on the truth because of predisposed, blind faith. Truth can and should always be tested, because if it really is Truth, it will reveal itself to those who seek it.)

And so today I learned that even as a solid Christian I am to continue seeking truth, and acknowledge that God is a wise and incredibly, unimaginably, intelligent Being. This means I don’t have to blindly follow wherever the Christian crowd goes in their doctrines. I have the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and God’s laws in nature to guide me through these belief-decisions.

I hope you learn that too: Faith is not blind. It is remembering what your reason has once accepted and trusting that it remains to be true despite your present moods and circumstances. (A mix-paraphrase of C.S.Lewis’ quotes).

Now I have to deal with the age of earth thing. eeeeeeeeek.


A Back-to-School Christian

Tomorrow, I will be heading to school (OH NO NOT THE SCHOOL!!!) – as a junior. Time sure flies – this is the year I dreaded most. It will be full of study-headaches (APs SAT SATIIs…O.O;;), fundraisings, leading, allnighters… even the things I enjoy doing will seem to last forever. Yet I know that my toils will be fully acknowledged by my Creator, nodding His head and encouraging me as I deemy popen tential for the future to do great things – for Him. Honestly, I am filled with anxiety and apprehension. If I start calculating my 24-hour day into a predicted schedule, I’ll end up with a huge time deficit. But I never finished calculating, because every time I start, God tells me: “Just do your very best in the moment you live in, and at the end of the day, you will have lived it the fullest.” Wise words, God – really! However much I plan my days, the way I can be most efficient is to saturate them with actions, not apprehension and plans. Am I not worried that even if I try my hardest I would fail? Heck yeah. But it’s called trust. God called me into the academic world to expand my knowledge and potential, which, if done to its fullest extent, will enable me to pursue God’s dream for me to tllest extent. Although I do not know His plans yet, I know that when I do, I will gather all of my breath and run as hard as I possibly could in order to achieve it. That means one, Future-I would appreciate it if Present-I touch my limits; and two, God called me to do this, hence it is not an impossible task that requires 48hour-days and 14day-weeks. It just requires grave amounts of dicipline. (*secret sigh*)

Besides that, what would Jesus do? Though cliche, this question never fails to provide an answer. Jesus as a junior in the modern world, in this society, would… haha. He would very well study, as He fulfilled his duties as a carpenter’s son, but would also spend much of His time reaching out to the students around Him – counseling them of their problems and pains, leading them to the Father, showing a good example by reflecting the Father, leading fellowship groups, and rebuking friends when they sin. Okay – maybe we should lessen the rebuking part (since rebuking as a same-status person only exacerbates hatred and stubborness) and do more telling. But otherwise, this is the kind of student we also should be. While our bodies are appointed students, our souls are comissioned embassadors. This means our smiles, our conversations, our actions all need to be so-called “Heavenly”. We are called to do everything the Bible tells – love neighbors, forgive wrong-doers, make mistakes, repent, pray continuously, meditate on the Word, be joyful always, be filled with thankfulness, above all else love the Lord God with all your heart – whether we are at home or at school (or on the toilet seat).

So a shout out to all back-to-schoolers out there: Lez do dis!! Every situation that is thrown at us (or tossed, maybe gently handed) is one that can be overcome. And we are the Overcomers.

“So, my brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” -1Corinthians 15:58