Christ’s Soldier – Prologue

I was standing among other soldiers in a strict formation, waiting for instructions.

“Will you or will you not accept your duties?!” shouted the general.

“Sir, yes, sir!” we shouted back in unison. After a moment of silence, a gentle smile spread across the general’s stiff lips.

“At ease, soldiers.” he said, rather quietly. “They, the enemy’s citizens, are out there waiting to be killed in war. Soldiers, they deserve a chance to live. If they choose us, they will become your brothers, your family, and your people. Your duty is to rescue them before the enemy’s kingdom perishes and to bring them safely so that they could join our victory.”

In silence, he turned his back to us and looked out at the battle field. It was peaceful; there were no cries, no shootings, no hasty steps. It was serene, as though the war never started.

“Remember, soldiers, that you are not attacking or defending.” he said, as he turned around.

“We need none of that – the war is already in our hands. You soldiers are on the search team – to find our hidden citizens-to-be. You will be attacked, you will be shot. But remember, you will not die. Our kingdom gives you a neverending life – so soldiers, this one is an order – give it your all.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”


I speak to those who have decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ:

What are we doing in the battlefield? Are we lounging about behind some protective wall, hidden from the dangers? Are we afraid, shy, or even worse – lazy?

Did we not commit our life to God, the General, the Commander of angel armies? And did we not receive His order to tell the good news? Our God is so in love with humanity that He is gladly willing to delay His glorious victory; but in the midst of that, what are you doing? Should you not love them with the same love, reach out to them with the same hands, take the risk to experience the same pain and humiliation, give them a chance?

Our general says “Go. Do not delay our victory any longer. Bring them back to me, into my arms.”

“And soldiers, this one is an order,” says Jesus Christ, the majestic, almighty, but compassionate God,

“Give it your all”


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